Palette Grafters

Publisher: Lamintate Most Wanted
United Kingdom

What led you to use collage as a medium for your original works?

The collage technique creates possibilities to combine and infuse a variety of different materials and other mediums without being bound to only the paste collage technique itself. It interacts and evolves. By the fusion of different facets of collaging it creates possibilities for a new, original and unveiling timeless story.

What is the relationship between the ornamentation and the women in your work? Does the content of imagery lifted from money have any connection with the narrative of the work?

I have a great fascination for graphic elements and ornaments that tells a story. The history behind the ornamentation, lifted from old currency, documents, sheet music and old books have a originality combined with history. The elements and ornaments I use are woven in cultures, have a tale of their own, are a part of history that can stem back to centuaries. They both have a history and a tale that can be revealed or analysed in their own way.

You create both digital and original works, which do you feel is more effective and which do you feel enable you to be the most creative?

Part 1 of the process is digitally creating the actual image. This asks a great deal of creative detailed grapic concentration.
Part 2 is bringing the digital image to actual life. The original design needs a more literal puzzling detailed pr├ęcisness, when bringing it to actual life to interact both in revealing its true message.
They are both part of the creative proces of my work. The one needs the other and can't exist without the other.

Where do you source your pin-up images and ornamentation?

I collect my materials at flea markets, vintage stores, during tavels, garage sales and the Internet. I also receive some great materials from enthusiastic and kind fans and collectors, to use in my collages. I love this part of collecting especially.

Have you ever had any negative reactions to the use of the female form taken directly from material designed to arouse a traditionally male audience?

Mostly positive and enthusiastic reactions, from both a male and female audience, from various ages and cultures.
Pin-ups in the past supplied a male orientated audience because of the sexual explicitness they had. These images now, have a more esthetic appeal.
My collage art radiates classic sexiness, because of the use of vintage materials, the suggestiveness, and the way I portray the female form. This strengthens the historic story of femininity, appealing to both male and female.